The house is close to countless hiking trails and cycling routes for every skill level, along with top European carp fishing destinations and other water adventures on the nearby Slivnica Lake. The Amon golf course, the Jelenov greben homestead, wine cellars, and many tourist farms are all within a short drive of Terme Olimia, Europe’s best family spa.

We are located a short distance from interesting lookout towers (the Tower of Love, the lookout tower Resevna, the Tower of Health & Joy above Podčetrtek), all of which can be reached on foot, or partly by car, or by renting electric bikes right next to the house. We can also arrange an unforgettable tour of the Rafov rov tunnel, an earth lodge that required a lot of manual labor, tenacity, creativity, and persistence to build. “Rafko”, the owner, designer, and builder, provides a unique perspective on the world below.

The house is near Rifnik, which is the location of the Late Antique settlement. The tour features an app that makes this a real adventure for kids. 20 km away in the city Celje, you can visit the majestic Old Castle with its permanent exhibition, explore the attractive Tehnopark with the whole family, maybe go to the cinema or the theatre, or indulge your taste buds – we will be happy to provide you suggestions.

A memorable meal at an organic farm close to the property, where you will be offered haute cuisine dishes together with simple local organic food, is only the first of the many high-quality venues around for a variety of culinary delights. Tips on the best current locations for culinary treats to satisfy all tastes can be found in-house. A smaller grocery store is located around 2 kilometers away, and larger supermarkets are situated about 7 kilometers away.

Terme Olimia

The water springs in this place already four centuries ago attracted health-seeking visitors and they are perfect relaxation for your mind and body.

Slivniško jezero

The artificial lake is suitable for fishing, water sports, various recreational activities and picnics. You can also enjoy the well-kept beach by the lake.

Tower of Love

The Tower of Love on Žusmu stands on the north-eastern peak of Veliki špička (669 m), the highest point in Žusma, which represents the northern edge of Kozjansko.

Olimije golf course

Test your skills on the beautiful golf course, and for the less skilled there are also golf demonstrations.

The witch's cottage

Enter the land of fairy tales and fantasy and see Kekec, Bedanec, Krijavlja, Snow White, Red Riding Hood and other fairy-tale characters.

Jelenov greben

At the Jelonov Greben homestead, you can enjoy top-quality cuisine, and you can also walk among the deers and feed them.

House of Emino wines

The history of today's House Emino dates back to 1988 and brings together local winegrowers who produce top-quality wines.

Haler homestead

Homestead Haler offers excellent home-brewed beer, which is brewed in its own mini-brewery, and also offers a wide selection of dishes.

Žurej farm

Tourist and ecological farm Žurej serve excellent home-grown food. Try out their homemade bread from the bread oven, various cakes and much more.

Tower of Health

Experience a breathtaking view of the surrounding hills from the 40-meter high tower. A great destination for a family trip.

Technopark Celje

The Technopark in Celje covers more than 4,000 square meters and offers various technological, mathematical and natural science activities.

The old castle of Celje

Romantic, seductive, mighty, dark, scary, all this is the old castle of Celje. Visit and see this magnificent castle with a rich history.