Both houses sit on land that throughout the centuries has been covered with vines, which thrive here thanks to its outstanding southern location. We received part of the land with the vineyard cottage and vineyard as a gift from Tanja’s parents, while the other half of the plot with the old building we bought from our neighbors. From the very beginning, we enjoyed the peace and view, we felt the unique energy of the sun and the micro-location itself, therefore we decided to build our dream holiday house on this very spot, which would have everything we have back home and so much more…

We wanted to build a house that would offer comfortable accommodation for our family and friends, and a taste of luxury – a private room with a sauna and jacuzzi. Because privacy matters so much to us, our story focuses on a private experience with a private wellness area that is only available to the current guest throughout their stay. The same thought led to the creation of the nearby smaller “sister”.

We are now respectfully and humbly offering our esteemed visitors from all around the world our idea of a private getaway paradise. When it came to building and furnishing the home, we worked to realize our concept of the ideal retreat, where everything you need for a nice getaway is conveniently located. We do not simply hand you the keys to our house; instead, we ask you to temporarily take over as guardians and owners of our dreams.

Tanja & Rok