1. What is personal data

Personal data is information that directly or indirectly identifies you as an individual, where “indirect” means in combination with other information, e.g. with your name, mailing address, email address, telephone number, identification number, location information or other identifiers.

2. What personal data do we collect?

If you are only a visitor to the website, we only collect data about you using necessary cookies, which are installed automatically on your browser and our website has no influence over them!

If you contact us via the contact form on our website (, we collect personal data about you that we need to provide our services. These personal data are first name, last name and contact email address.

3. Cookies

On our website, we only use the necessary “cookies” (these are small files that are saved on your computer when you visit the site). Cookies can facilitate your subsequent visits to the site. With the settings in your browser, you can decide whether to accept or reject cookies.

If you do not accept cookies, some websites may not be displayed correctly or you may not be able to access all information or functionality of the websites, but accepting cookies is not a condition for using the website. As mentioned, the website uses only necessary cookies, which are automatically installed when you visit our website and we have no control over them.